The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)

This guide is based on an AudioJungle community forum discussions about complex issues like PRO royalties and CID. Feel free to improve this guide by making comments and sharing your experience.

I’ve written three chapters already:


The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)

As mentioned in Chapter #1, CID (Content Identification) is a system which can scan Youtube, Facebook, Instagram (and other services in the nearest future) for videos with your music and verify if the content creator has license for your track. If not, you can monetize ( = you can earn money!) or even block his video. CID system also makes it possible to collect additional performing royalties by PRO organisations (more about PRO royalties in the Chapter#2: PRO).

UPDATE: This is important: if you do not register your tracks in CID, somebody can illegally register them before you. It can make a huge mess like here.

Youtube CID system is far from being perfect and doesn’t scan tracks shorter than 30 seconds (e.g. logos and short edits), most of percussive tracks, remixes, ambients, even tracks with 3rd party loops. Even more, some of CID partners do not always want to register so called “royalty-free” library composers.

UPDATE: Facebook and Instagram CID called Rights Manager is quite a new thing. It allows you to block illegal use of your music but it doesn’t allow to monetize it yet. Identifyy allows you to scan Facebook/Instagram and wait for the launch of the Facebook monetization. AdRev still works on this.

So what can you do? You have to find a CID partner like Identifyy or AdRev (there are lots of topics on forum like AdRev Alternative ), hope they register you and… upload tracks. After month or two It will show Youtube projects with your music and… you will earn easy money. You will also have to check what kind of services this partner provides you. Be careful, some services like 3rd party sync-licensing are restricted for Exclusive authors! Registering with Identifyy is recommended, because it seems that they do not offer any additional services which are forbidden for AJ authors (to be confirmed!).

More info about the official AJ requirements regarding CID here: .

UPDATE: The most popular CID services which used to accept AudioJungle authors was AdRev. Nowadays we have many reports that AdRev have rejected many AJ authors, so its recommended to register your music with Identifyy/Haawk instead of AdRev. Keep in mind that the rest of this chapter has been written when AdRev was accepting more AJ authors, that’s why it explains AdRev at first place. Thankfully system in all CIDs is quite similar.

Hint: AdRev allows you to upload tracks which are percussive, remixes, ambient, include 3rd party loops and which are shorter than 30 seconds, etc. But unfortunately Youtube do not scan most of them. Go to AdRev and download .csv file with list of submitted tracks and check ISRC column. This ISRC is a temporary code automatically given by Youtube. All tracks without given ISRC code are excluded from the Youtube CID = you will not find videos including those tracks and you will not earn money. It means that you don’t have to upload logos or versions shorter than 30 sec - they will not be used by the CID even after they are submitted to AdRev!

Of course AdRev can find videos with an exception of music shorter than 30 seconds, though it has to be a part of accepted by Youtube longer than 30 seconds track. They call this function a “manual track snippet” and it had to be manually turned-on on demand. Nobody knows if it’s default right now or not.

Hint: Google your name in the google “video search” (the name you have registered in AdRev submission author field) and you will find more videos than AdRev shows you in their website.

What about CID - PRO relation? It’s hard to say how exactly PROs collect money from online services like Youtube. The thing we know is that track has to be registered with CID partner like Identifyy or AdRev, accepted by Youtube (you can check this in AdRev by checking temporary ISRC code), tracked in videos by Youtube and afterwards all info about views has to be sent by Youtube to PROs. Phew! A long way to make it inefficient. That’s why some of us receive small royalties, some do not receive them. Though it’s a thing which should be more efficient in the future, that’s why it’s good to register tracks properly right now. It’s hard to say how to do this properly, but probably you should fill the following fields:

  • song title and composition title (same as registered in PRO)
  • writer (your PRO registered name)
  • publisher (optionally)
  • ISWC of track
  • your IPI

How much can I earn from AdRev? Usually authors report that they earn 2 or 3 digit numbers per month. One of authors reported recently that he earns 1000$ per month.

Will this affect your overall sales? Many authors stated on forum that joining CID didn’t affect their sales. It has to be said that very small number of buyers present the “just-to-be-safe” attitude and prefer non-CID tracks. In fact it’s the most risky attitude because every composer on Earth has right to register his tracks in CID whenever he wants. This means that non-CID track can become registered-CID track anytime and make a claim for music in already existing video. On the other hand some buyers might prefer CID registered music because they don’t want to be surprised by claims in the future.

How it can affect buyers? Owner of the Youtube video might receive a standard copyright claim, afterwards he will have to upload a license which he received from the AudioJungle. It’s a standard procedure and buyers solve claims surprisingly well. In fact if you have been selling music in thousands, some single buyers might have a problem in finding old licenses. Though such cases are very rare so if you’re not an old non-CID Top Seller, you don’t have to be worried about joining CID at all.

Is it worthy? Yes. You will find many videos with your music and earn money from illegal use.


Good job, thank you for the help, I’ve been waiting for this chapter

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Hello again. It’s time to update the AJ Community Guide. Four biggest updates from the article above:

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Wonderfully written, thank you from the bottom of my heart