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Hello, I am new in music and I have some simple question. If my songs are published by CD baby for example, if somebody will upload music on youtube, there will be copyright claim added on music. so, how I can sell music here, on audiojungle, how a buyer can avoid copyright when he/she will use it as commercial?!

If you are asking about CID: The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)

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How to clear a YouTube copyright notice

You cannot upload tracks for which CDBaby manages ContentID on AJ. You need to be able to clear claims directly yourself.

Why not? Doesn’t CD Baby work as a CID aggragator if you opt out any other of its licensing services?

Well, your buyers need to be able to lift claims with their license. As far as I know, CDBaby does not have such a process in place, unlike AdRev or other CID third parties.

Hmm. Are you sure? I’ve always thought that basic claim verification goes via Youtube and AdRev can only make it faster. Though it can be as you said.

When going through Youtube process for clearing claim, you have to enter a queue, argue your case, then there is a decision made by Youtube. This whole process may take several days or even weeks.

When going directly to AdRev (or similar), the third party simply drops the claim. Much faster process.

CDBaby does not have a “clear-the-claim” page, and thus buyers have to clear the claim via Youtube, which is much too long for their needs, plus YouTube would likely rule against you, as CDBaby would maintain their position.

This situation is to be avoided for the sake of our buyers.

This from the help section:

If a Content ID platform does not allow for copyright claims to be fully cleared on licensed AudioJungle music, or otherwise prevents you from fulfilling these responsibilities as an AudioJungle author, you must not register your AudioJungle music with that platform.

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Thanks for clarification!