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Hey. What payment system does Identifyy work with?


No watermark. AdRev specifically prohibits watermarked tracks.


Thank you!

I can put in a good word for Identifyy. I have been working in online micro-licensing for years and from a licensing site’s point of view they are the best. The claim clearance turn-around is in hours, not weeks like other aggregators and this is huge if an artist wants to keep both the licensing and monetization revenue streams flowing. Many times those streams can conflict if the aggregator is slow to release your licensed music and you start getting a bunch of upset customers and complaints from the licensing site.

Honestly, I think Identifyy has closed the gap that existed for artists between music licensing and YouTube monetization. If you want to license your music and still monetize they are the only game in town.

There’s actually a middle ground that many musicians don’t know about. You can upload your songs to a service like. They use YouTube’s Content ID system to check for matches, slap ads on infringing videos, and pay you a share of the ad revenue.

Do you need to upload all versions of the track if you have multiple versions of it?

Today I had an email from a customer who purchased the licencse for a track on audiojungle 2-3 years ago and had have no trouble until now. He got a message today from YouTube saying that he has violated copyrights because it belongs to “TuneCore”. The track is “Groovy 70’s Funky Fun”

My music is not content ID yet but I signed up for identifyy hoping to clear all this mess. I tried Ad rev and had no response so hopefully they will accept AJ tracks.

I’ve had two emails like this and it’s getting frustrating. If you have any tips on how to proceed, let me know.
:sunglasses: Thanks!

You should just upload the main version. Uploading multiple versions could potentially create some issues.

Regarding the claims your customer received, it could mean two things:

  • You have released your music for listening purpose with an online distributor who registered your music with ContentID. If so, you need to contact your distributor and opt-out of their ContentID program, as this is not compatible with selling on AJ.
  • Unfortunately, it could also be a worse scenario: someone fraudulently registered your music as their own. In this case, you will have to contact the third-party involved and tell them you are the real owner of the music.

As in your case, the claimant is TuneCore it’s hopefully the first scenario.

You will have to sort it out before registering with Identifyy.

Unfortunately it is the second scenario, as my music is only here on audiojungle.
Thanks Pierre for the info, well appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that. The good news is, there are many Audiojungle authors who underwent a similar situation, and it looks like they all managed to sort it out.

Upload your track on Youtube to get the copyright notice yourself. There could be the “author” name on there. Then contact them to ask them to unregister your music (“or else…”) Then contact TuneCore and tell them they have no right to claim your music. Sorry for the generic advice. Hopefully, authors who successfully fought abusive claiming of their music could give you more accurate steps to follow.

What kind of issues? AdRev said me once that I should upload all alternative versions, including demo versions and it works fine. It can simply increase chances of matching.

Actually there is third scenario - false positive. You can read about false positive here: The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)

I thought it could lead to conflicting matches. Guess I was wrong.

Right. That’s a possibility. And certainly, the first thing to check off.

A fourth scenario (actually a toned-down 2nd scenario) is a buyer who does not know what they’re doing and register the music not understanding the consequences. For instance, a singer who put vocals on the track and decided to release their “song”. I’ve seen this more than once.

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Several people are complaining about identifyy it seems:
Is it legit ?

Strange, but for now i got no problems with them, also support is very fast (i got +300 tracks registered with them)

There is no way they can scam people

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Same here. Much better than Adrev.

I’m about to move my tracks from AdRev to Identifyy. They tell me that I have to request a termination of my account in AdRev. But they also say that the easiest way to transfer my catalog would be to upload my tracks to an Identifyy account.

Can someone who has moved their catalog give me any advice on the best way to do it?


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You can check this thread about it.

Yes, check your dm :smiley:

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