Registering our entire AJ portfolio with content ID RETROACTIVELY. How to better assist our existing costumers!

Hi all,

I already found similar threads on the forum about this but they are a from 2017 and a lot has changed since then…So, I think it would be a good time for an update in mid 2019. I truly believe that this would help us all.

Due to recent issues where I found my music being used illegally and worse, being registered by others as theirs own, I decided to take action and protect my portfolio. I will register all new and ALREADY UPLOADED tracks in my portfolio with IDENTIFYY (the alternative I found for AdRev since AdRev is no longer accepting RF music).

I know that, as a consequence all my buyers will get a 3rd-party copyright claim on their videos and surely be annoyed by the fact that they would have to clear their videos by disputing the claim. Well…if they have the license # (which they should have since they bought it from AJ), they can easily do it. No problem.

My questions to any author who already went through a similar situation.

  1. Did you write a “letter to costumers” ( and maybe put on you AJ profile page) explaining why you decided to register your tracks and how they can clear their videos? I ask this because I recently saw that big authors like PinkZebra (on his AJ profile) and TimMcmorris (on his website) did. If you have done the same, do you have any advice?

  2. Have your sales decreased after the registration?

Thanks a lot for any help and advice.

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  1. I have not contacted the buyers. Only few asked me what to do because of appearance of the claim, I simply provided link to the article.

  2. Nothing has changed.

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Hi @ShymonMusic, thanks. but what article?
I saw you are with identifyy. I contacted them and they say when they find videos using our tracks the “REPORTS” tab gets populated with info of each video. Do you confirm that? What kind of info? Do they provide us with the link to that video?

How long have you been with them? Are you happy with their services?

thanks a lot

This link

Every quarter they provide information such as views, generated income and link to the video. :slight_smile:

Some issues have been explained here: The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)


OMG @RedOctopus! This is pure GOLD information! I just started to read the chapters and it already made it so much clearer! I will continue to read your posts very carefully during my trip tomorrow.

I would like to make public my gratitude to YOU and all fellow AJ composers here who have taken the time to clarify some of my questions so far. Although I have been working as screen composer for a number of years now, it’s only since last year that I really embraced the world of RF/Production Music. So I am still quite a new player here.

So again…thank you very much for being so patient and kind.


The worst that can happen is you get a couple dozen more 1 star ratings. Some people specifically buy tracks, that aren’t registered, because they don’t want to go through the trouble of disputing. I can imagine them being really pissed, when their videos get blocked all of a sudden.

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Did it happen to you? How many examples of this behavior do you know? They might occur but they are very, very rare. From my point of view. Never had such case.

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Yeah, but your buyers knew they’re getting AdRev registered tracks. This is different.
Anyhow, I said “the worst that can happen”, meaning that’s the only possible negative consequence.

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Not exactly. I’ve registered my tracks after having few thousands of sales already :slight_smile:


Hi All, again thanks for all the posts and willing to help. I was travelling the past 3 days and was unable to reply. I just returned. After thinking and considering all the scenarios/consequences I have decided to register ALL my portfolio with Identifyy. I will be doing 10-15 tracks a week until I have them all registered. I will be prepared to help any costumers who contact me with step-by-step guides to clear their videos as well as a short note explaining why I have decided to better protect my intellectual property. I am confident that all the “professional” costumers will understand (and even relate to it). Clearing videos that get copyright claim is indeed a normal part of everyday business for most video production houses anyway.

I will be travelling agin next week. So, the registering will start on August 26. I will post here any issues I might encounter so it might help authors who is willing to do the same.

cheers guys, all the best to all.


Hi all,

I hope you guys are all well.
As promised, I am here to report that I have finished registering my entire portfolio with IDENTIFYY. The process was easy and quick. I will only find out about earnings from ad revenue and where my tracks are being used after they update the list at the end of the quarter. But I can say that 48hrs AFTER I finished registering all my tracks I had my best day EVER in sales here on AJ. Not in number of sales but in $$ earned from the sales on that day (broadcast licenses) ! Coincidence?? I don’t know. But I am just sharing it with you here. I strongly advice you all to register all your tracks asap.

I honestly feel much better protected.
also, so far no complains from costumers who have already purchased tracks. So, so far so good.

Cheers guys.