The AJ Community Guide #4: PDF in the zip

This guide is based on an AudioJungle community forum discussions about complex issues like PRO royalties and CID. Feel free to improve this guide by making comments and sharing your experience.

I’ve written the following chapters already:

The AJ Community Guide #4: PDF in the zip

It is a common practice that authors attach a pdf with crucial information about them to zip files. In this chapter you will find such a template which contains:

  • contact data and link to portfolio
  • link to CID whitelist form
  • short broadcast license explanation/reminder
  • PRO data

Here you can find an online Google Sheet document. To fill it:

  1. Save a copy (File > Make copy)
  2. Fill it
  3. Download as a pdf (File > Download > PDF)

If you prefere to download it and fill offline, you can get it from here. Download button is in the upper right corner. You will download an .odt file created in Opne Office Writer.

You can check here how already filled document looks like.

This pdf was made thanks to our Community. Special thanks go to: @PurpleFog @MojoSoundtrack @St-TropezMedia

Feel free to share your thoughts!


thank you so much

Nice, thanks!

I’m thinking about making a tiny change. I would like to add word “max.” to the license explainer/reminder. It should look like:

“max. 10 million”

I think some clients can misunderstand pure “10 million” as a license which has to be bought AFTER exceeding 10 million audience.

@PurpleFog @MojoSoundtrack what do you think?

Edit: “max.” added


Hi guys. It has been mentioned on forum (e.g. by @FlossieWood) that many Elements clients broadcast music from Elements even though Elements license doesn’t include broadcast use. So I’m thinking about adding to the pdf this warning:

Keep in mind that Envato Elements subscription doesn’t allow broadcast use. To broadcast a track available on Elements, you have to buy separate broadcast license on AudioJungle.

It’s of course only for those authors who sell on Elements. I will add it after two days unless someone has any other idea.


Changes added.

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Thank You!!!

Few months after uploading this PDF I have to say that broadcast licenses earnings have increased. Maybe it is coincidence, maybe not. I suppose that it works especially on clients from Elements.

And… number of questions about CID claims is reduced as well.

It was a good move in my case.

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Thank you so much