PDF in the zip - a discussion before making AJ Community Guide #4

Hi guys and girls! Let’s try to discuss about perfect pdf with the all necessary data which can be attached to zip file. After the discussion I will try to write another episode of my guide or maybe even create a pdf template.

So what do we need in a pdf? I propose:

  • contact mail, AJ portfolio link, optional website / social media address, etc.
  • the proper broadcast license explainer/reminder. @PurpleFog, @MojoSoundtrack - I remember that someone made it already, do you know where we can find it?
  • cue sheet reminder, PRO data (writer, publisher, artist)
  • link to CID claims clearing form (I haven’t used them as a client but I suppose AdRev and Identifyy have those forms, right?)
  • links to Envato CID and PRO explainers (though I am not sure if it’s necessary)

It would be great if we could make some kind of auto-updating pdf or at least a pdf with an extra link to always up-to-date online text. This way we would not need to upload all zips again after every pdf update. It’s just a brainstorm idea, I have no idea how to make an auto-updating pdf :slight_smile:

I think that some short reminders should be included in the item description as well, e.g. in form of image but let’s deal with it in the future. An auto-updating image with one url would be great as well.

What do you think?


Great initiative!

Here is the Broadcast Explanation I made with @PurpleFog back in the days…

Here is the html code if anyone wants to copy it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gp1utbib4bdyrhh/BroadcastLicense_Explanation.rtf?dl=0

I have been using this one for a year or so on all my item pages and I cannot tell if people are reading it or not, most of my Broadcast licenses have still been 1 Million, but my 2 latest have been 10 Million. So maybe someone is reading it.


I don’t think there is such a thing, unfortunately. That would be so awesome though. I have to update 200 tracks with a new pdf with links to Identifyy claim clearing form… would have loved not having to do that!

I love your initiative Krzysiek, I think it would be great if authors could get these pieces of information through in a formatted and efficient way.

I think it could get a bit crowded and not as readable if we put all this info into a single pdf file. I mean ContentID is a completely different thing from PROs, or broadcast licenses. Putting those topics together may be confusing to buyers, so maybe a set of pdfs would be the way to go?

And yes, both AdRev and Identifyy have an online form for clearing claims.


Very wise advice @RedOctopus !
I support your initiative. I think it would be right to create this instruction file and insert it somewhere near the watermark in Envato’s resources for authors AJ (for example, in “AudioJungle General File Preparation Guidelines”. So that every author can download and edit it (to change links, etc.) and upload to zip together with the item. Or together with a preview file (which is more logical) (which will notify the customer in advance about licenses and everything else).


Thanks @RedOctopus :smiley:
I use a simple txt with the cid information and some links. Now updating it with PRO info. I am doing it in google sheets, you can export as PDF from there

About the self updating thingy, the format of the file could be html and redirect the content to a website

Thanks for all your posts and initiatives :smiley:


Hi. Sorry for the delay, so much to do, so little time. What do you say about such info?


Looks great, thanks for sharing
I also add the track iswc :man_shrugging:

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Hey Krzysiek,

You added the word “audience” after “Million, 10 million,…”. This is precisely what it is not. Those figures do not show the audience, but the potential reach. For instance, a show that has an audience of 200 people, broadcasted on a National TV channel with an over 10 million reach, would still require the Broadcast and Film license. The audience is not taken into account at all, only the reach of the channel is.


Pierre, so how would you write it? Potential audience? I think “(…) audience” should stay for less experienced clients.

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I disagree, “audience” is the confusing term and needs to be removed. This is precisely the purpose of Mojo’s text, to remove the ambiguity of the term audience, that is systematically understood as meaning… well, audience. Can’t blame buyers for being confused there. The term “reach” is preferable in my opinion, or better yet stick with the classification “local”, “regionnal” “national/international”and do away with numbers altogether.
For me, talking about audience is a step back regarding the broadcast license issue.
Now, I’m certainly not telling you what to do or what not to do, I’m merely giving you my opinion, which you may disagree with.


thank it’s awesome. Can I use it? (oh i see i can’t edit it yet)

I think you’re right. Is it ok now? @MojoSoundtrack?

Looks good to me :slight_smile: And I agree audience can probably be confusing, as actual audience and potential reach can differ greatly.

Your pdf is great and I will definitely start using this. For those who have a nice logo that might be worth to add as well.

What about grammar? I am not an English native speaker. Obviously :wink:

If you broadcast content with my music, please make sure you have filled properly a cue sheet with this track name and the following data:

A more grammatically correct way of saying this would be “properly filled”, instead of “filled properly”.

If your content has been broadcasted and you didn’t have to fill a cue sheet, please let me know so I can make all the paperwork for the PRO.

Two things here,
First, in English, the past-tense form of the word “broadcast” is still “broadcast”. You don’t need the “-ed” at the end. It would be correct to say, “If your content has been broadcast…”.

Second, instead of saying, “…please let me know so I can make all the paperwork…” it would be more correct to say, “…please let me know so I can COMPLETE the paperwork…”.

I hope that helps! And thank you for making the effort to create this, I’m sure it will be very helpful to our customers - and to us as well.

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@St-TropezMedia awesome, thanks!

Good idea!

So is it ok now? If so, I will officially publish #4 episode of AJ Guide.

And one more thing. What would be the most convenient form of this pdf? Google docs allows to edit this one document so it can’t be treated as a template. Instead of that I can upload the file on server and give a link to upload a google doc (open offcie/word doc?) directly on the computer. The best way would be publishing an online editable form which will not interfere basic template but I have no idea how to do it via google docs.

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Looks good!

Before you publish, perhaps remove your own personal info and replace with instructions, as we would each need to insert our own PRO info and contact links.

I made a quick mock-up with my proposed instructions highlighted, you can see it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lEdsi9GreP4HHw67FuM-bWR_tZFNH8HGCz-fszeLrSc/edit?usp=sharing

I don’t know if it can be shared as a template through Google Docs, so maybe hosting the downloadable document on a server and providing a download link is the best way. Sorry, but I don’t know how to do that either - hopefully, someone here has experience doing that and can help!

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Of course. I’ve made few tiny changes, you can check if it’s ok https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WjSqasfJFJP_OdbR8j6ro3BgBmnPtnK9LcG339L5Nk4/edit?usp=drivesdk

Thanks @St-TropezMedia ! New episode of the Guide is coming!

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Looks good @RedOctopus!

Thanks again for all the work you’ve put into writing the guides - they’ve been very useful. All AJ authors should read them!

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