The AudioJungle Community Guide (PRO, CID, etc.)

The AudioJungle Community Guide

This is The AudioJungle Community Guide which I have written to answer popular questions about complex issues like PRO royalties and CID. It is based on an AudioJungle forum discussions so feel free to improve this guide by making comments and sharing your experience. New chapters will be written in the nearest future.

I’ve written three chapters already:

Special thanks goes to @PurpleFog and @SteelSound who significantly contributed to this guide and for @KingDog and @BenLeong who pinned this important for the Community topic on the top of the Forum page.


Thank you for your contribution to the community! :+1:

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Thank YOU for the contribution! You’re another very active and helpful member of the Community! :slight_smile:

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@KingDog Correct the mistake. Everyone can edit this topic.

It’s because it’s a Wiki so users can edit and add to it as new articles are added :wink:


Oh ok! :+1:


This guide is invaluable, thank you all for your amazing work and enthusiasm :pray:

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Thanks Guys! Great job, nice resources! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you everyone ! Great job ! :slightly_smiling_face: