Few Question about "ASCAP"

Hello. I am sorry if there was a similar topic somewhere. I’m a new user of Audiojungle. I have decided to be a member of ASCAP. My question: I’ve got two e-mails. One gave me a member number ID on my full name. The other one gave me a member number ID on my pseudo audiojungle. But I can log in only with my full name ID number. I dont know if am I doing something wrong… Second question: I am registered as a Writer & Publisher. How should I register my work? Both writer/publisher on my audiojungle pseudo or on my full name? And last question - what is the difference between IPI and ID number. During registration my works I use IPI, so I should write on my Audiojungle profile those IPI numbers - am I right?

Have you seen this? Read chapter #2 about PRO. The AudioJungle Community Guide (PRO, CID, etc.)