How do Pro accounts keep track of our music?

I just decided to register my portfolio with ASCAP, and as I am filling out the info what I do not understand is how ASCAP (or any PRO) keeps track of our music? I fill out the info which includes the title and performer name (in my case, Vestra Music) and then there is a section that asks if my music is used for commercials and I marked that. After registering it does give me a track ID number, but then it doesn’t look like there is any place to put it in my Audiojungle track description.

When I register my work on a Content ID site like Identifyy, it makes sense because they have you upload an Mp3, but on ASCAP you don’t do that, so I just don’t understand how they can keep track of it.

Please if someone could help me understand how this all works or if I am missing something that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Cue sheets and Soundmouse… In fact ASCAP use mp3/wave tracking via Soundmouse, I recommend uploading there your tracks. Read about it here: The AJ Community Guide #2 - Performing Rights Organisation Royalties (PRO)

I always put my name by Composer…do I put BMI (I am registered with BMI) by Publisher? Thanks!

If you do not have publisher, you do not need to fill the publihser field.

isn’t BMI the publisher? Please explain. Thank you!

You can register in BMI as a writer (composer) and besides that as a publisher. If you do not know how did you register, you have registered only as a writer (composer) probably. It is all explained in the guide.


When you register a title at BMI just allocate yourself as the writer and assign 200% of the ownership share to you. BMI works a bit differently than other PRO’s

200% to writer (you). This way you collect all the royalties as publisher and writer (100% to writer +100% to publisher = 200% of all the performance royalties money to you)

This way you collect the entire pie for broadcast performances. I know what I am talking about because I have been doing this for decades. I also register track titles at BMI every week. I just know what I know, and I know I am right. There is nothing more to debate. You have your 100% factual answer right here.

Shocking that people still think BMI is a “Publisher”.

Wow! is all I can say.

It’s just amazing how musicians can never really fully grasp the various roles that writers, publishers, and Performing Rights Organizations (PRO) play. This is not rocket science.


Thank you for the information. I am still trying to figure it all out. So on my item page…I just put my first name by Composer and leave Publisher blank correct? I noticed on your item pages that you put your IPI number…Do i have to do that or can I just put my name? Thank you!

Your (writer) name and IPI.

Yes…You are a day late and dollar short on this crucial information, but better late than never


Writer Name, IPI Number AND PRO affiliation…BMI
For publisher, just duplicate that information. then you are the WRITER and the PUBLISHER.
This only applies to BMI

This way if someone licenses your tune for use on a TV show, they know who to credit on the cue sheet.

Thank you!