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Hi everyone, i would know from authors that upload their music on youtube if they feel “safe” with adrev, i was thinking that content id protect the music on youtube and web or television, but if someone use your music in an “internal” corporate video, for a presentation or for employees, or in an elevator, or in a yoga lesson, how can adrev protect or monetize that music ? Without the audiojungle watermark anyone can download the music from youtube and use it away from web or television, or not ?

Here yah go:

Thank you, but if i want to protect my music from a use away from facebook, youtube, television and instagram, adrev how can works ?

Read first chapter od this guide :slight_smile: Join the discussion and help to create The AJ Community Guide // Chapter#1 How to find projects with your music

Adrev only works with ContentID (Youtube) as of now. It should/will also work with Facebook/Instagram’s Rights Manager in the future.

It doesn’t have anything to do with TV nor with non-Internet use. There is no way to monitor and even less monetize non-Internet uses as you described in your first post.

Thanks for this guide!!

So if an author want to prevent the “download without actually buy” of a music uploaded on youtube or internet is better keep the audio jungle watermark on the track, at least in this way people that download the music from youtube can’t use it because of the watermark, right ?

You’d be surprised to see how many people don’t seem to care if the music is watermarked. Many published project have watermarked music in them. Be it because the forgot to swap the demo for the original before publishing or that they didn’t license the music because they thought it was free to use as it’s royalty-free music.

Truth is once you publish your music anywhere, it may be exposed to any kind of thefts or license violations. You can decrease the risk by using the available tools such as ContentID, TuneSat,… but there is no way to prevent it completely.

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile: