YouTube question?

What is a YouTube content ID? I see it on the upload screen. Is there a benefit to having one? What do you need to get one?

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ContentID is a Youtube program that allows you to fingerprint your music so that it gets picked up when it is used in a Youtube video. When a video receives a copyright notice because it uses your music, ads are put on that video and the music author gets the ad revenue.

This helps prevent illegitimate use of your music, or at least make you profit from it. The downside is that legitimate buyers are impacted as well (though they can easily clear the copyright claim by using their AJ license).

To register with ContentID you need a third-party such as AdRev (although AdRev is not accepting application from “royalty-free” authors anymore)

I guess “Muserk” accepts royalty free music
I sent a mail to them, they replied with a form of questions.
I haven’t replied yet, but i think it could be good alternative to AdRev.

Non-YouTube Content ID authors are more attractive for the buyers.

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That’s simply not true. Have a look at the best-sellers.

Music that’s not registered with ContentID is more attractive to non-buyers, as it’s so easy to steal.


Ok, that makes sense. are you guys registered with them?

I’m with AdRev. It would be nice to have someone with Muserk share their experience.

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I’ll give muserk a try and let you know…

Muserk… sounds interesting… I think I also will give a try…
I’m now uploading my music portfolio on youtube,with the Audiojungle watermark… this is not incompatible, right?

Muserk rejected me today, right after AdRev of course. All they said was that they can’t work with me at this time. I guess I need to have a big catalog of songs on Youtube or something. I do not know. Can someone that got accepted there share how many tracks they have online?

That’s bad news! I don’t think the size of your catalogue is the issue here.

If they too apply a no “royalty-free” policy then we’re screwed!

We really need to have a serious discussion going with Envato and other marketplaces, Adrev and other third parties and Youtube.

There is no reason for us to get excluded from ContentID other than a misunderstanding on the term “royalty-free”.

ContentID has revealed the scope of illegal uses of our music, which is huge! ContentID is the only protection we have against this widespread pillage. It is an indispensable tool for the modern day production music author. Losing this, would be a shattering blow against our community.

This is where Envato has a role to play. So we can have an integrated solution, that is seamless for buyers, deterring from thieves, that doesn’t add extra work for ContentID third-parties and that Youtube is ok with. Technically it is doable. It should have been implemented years ago, talks should have been initiated at the very least.

AdRev user here. Definitely everybody should join some CID service. I didn’t notice any decrease in sales after joining AdRev.

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I just signed up for audium. So far so good. I’ll try to upload some music tonight.


I’m using a third party company who helps me to track my music into youtube so people how use my music without permission must have to purchase my music otherwise their videos got reclaimed. it’s very useful.

Which company are you working with?


They don’t accept AJ authors anymore…

So I got on Audiam last night, set up my account and uploaded about 15 songs. Pretty simple and straightforward. Today I got an email from them stating that YouTube has recently changed their rules, and they wanted me to confirm that my music conforms. I met up with all of them except one:

  1. Your recordings are not purchased from or made available for purchase on Royalty Free Websites or music databases like Audio Jungle, Theme Forest, Audio Micro, etc…

That’s cut and paste out of the email. Has anyone else heard about this? Is this why adrev and other sites have stopped accepting new authors? Has anyone that is already with adrev gotten anything from them saying that they won’t represent them anymore because of this?

Wow that’s really unfortunate. I wonder what rules YouTube specifically changed…

This is exactly what I was afraid of. We are explicitly being excluded from ContentID. This is terrible for our community! This is both unfair and pointless. Why are we being punished for selling on Audiojungle? This is where Envato has to step in and work something out with Youtube.

Yes, this is the reason. AdRev have been pretty vague about what this new policy involved. They may now have to manually check every matched video before issuing a copyright notice, which would result in so much additional work for them. They never confirmed this though.

For now their policy seems to be to keep already registered authors and reject newcomers. Don’t know how long it’ll remain this way.