Youtube content ID helpful?

I just wanted to buy some audio track and I see it’s registered with “Youtube content ID”.

So I read I have to clear copyright notice and wait up to 96 hours if I upload video with this.

How does this make sense to me as a customer? Licensed music should be making my life easier, that’s why I pay for it. So now I have a choice here, I either use some free music and upload normally or buy licensed music here and have to deal with delay and issues. What? This is horrible.

If I buy some more expensive licence to use part of music in my video intro and then upload frequently videos with this, I always have to wait up to 96 hours? Come on Envato.

We Videohive authors don’t have some protection bothering customers with copyright notices either.

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If I don’t register my music with ContentID, someone else (piracy everywhere) will -> Same copyright claim issues for my buyers, plus the fact I cannot release claims. ContentID is not an Envato product, it’s run by YouTube and we all need to adapt. Sorry if it brings inconvenience, but there is currently no viable option.

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I have bought hundreds of things from Envato, including many songs. On the rare occasion that I have a piece of audio flagged, I am able to “dispute” it (YouTube’s word) by stating I purchased the rights to use it from AudioJungle. Cases are usually cleared in less than an hour. I even had one I overlooked and left undisputed for nearly 2 years. When I finally did dispute the claim, it was still accepted within the day if not just a few hours.


You dispute it through Youtube and it only takes about an hour? I thought it was taking much longer doing it this way, rather that clearing the claim through AdRev (or similar 3rd party). Good to know, thanks for sharing!