No watermark on YouTube?

Hello dear envato community!

Not sure where to post, please correct if im in the wrong section. The question is as following:

In case I’m an exclusive author on AJ and I have my music registered in AdRev, is there a problem using my own music in my own video projects on YouTube or other resources without AudioJungle watermark? So my question is basically whether am i obligated to use AJ watermark or its only for my own protection.


P.S; if you have more details on licensing (as legal text is hard to read) will much appreciate!


It used to be mandatory for exclusive authors to post watermarked tracks only. But since we now can sell music on iTunes and such for listening purpose, I don’t think the watermark is still an obligation.

However I would advise to keep using it. Sure it is a protection, but more importantly, it is a statement: “this track is not free it’s just a preview, you need to get a license to be able to use”. If you don’t use a watermark on Youtube, most Youtuber will be sure it’s free music they can just grab and use as they please (a lot of them have a hard time grasping the difference between royalty-free and free).

Thanks mate, but what about the AdRev system?

AdRev will detect your music whether it’s watermarked or not. ContentID will treat the watermark as noise pollution, like a voiceover or any sounds of the video, and will hear through it to match your music.

Not sure if this was your question…

Didn’t know that so good to know :smiley: but yeah, the question was, if i will register my music with Adrev/ContentID first and then will upload without watermark, most likely youtubers won’t be able to grab the music, so no need for watermark…and if its ok with Envato it may help to promote myself through YouTube and other social media as watermarked music is a little annoying for listeners and even for potential buyers…

AdRev does not prevent anyone from ripping your videos. So Youtubers will still grab your music.

The thing is ContentID has changed its policy regarding royalty-free music. It’s not clear at all what the new policy is exactly, but it results in a lot (most?) of low-view videos not generating copyright notices. So it’s not a perfect protection.

There is also the danger that Youtuber getting AdRFev notices may dispute them arguing they have the right to use the music since it’s (royalty-)free. This has happened in the past with authors that were purposefully blurring the lines between royalty-free and Creative Commons licensing. It resulted in them having their catalogue removed from AdRev, and it almost made Youtube decide to bar RF music from ContentID, as they did with Creative Commons music.

If you put the watermark low enough, I don’t think it’s that annoying to listeners (although my ears may have become immune to it over the years).

Anyway, these are just points to keep in mind, it’s up to you to know what’s best for you :smile:

Awesome, thanks a lot for a detailed answer