Can I upload AJ watermarked music to YouTube without authorization?

Hey guys!

I’m here planning to promote AJ artists as an affiliate on different social media platforms so your work has a bit more visibility with targeted audiences who would be interested in licensing your music.

I would like to know if it would be a problem if I download preview files and upload them to my accounts for example Soundcloud and YouTube to promote you.

Regarding YouTube videos I will create with your music and as many of you have AdRev or other services to protect your work; I’d like to know if it is only possible to settle claim notices just by allowing ads on the videos?

What do you think about it?. Would you like me to ask you for permission first or just tell you I’m promoting your work when it is uploaded to my profiles around the web so you can share and repost on your social media profiles?

My idea is to be as fast as possible and start promoting your work at most 24 hour after it is published and only for a matter or time is that I’m concerned about how fast can I get your authorization in case you want me to ask you first.

Thanks for your help!!

Files with a preview can be promoted in Youtube “rules do not prohibit.” I do not mind if you look at my portfolio and download anything for your project.

I think you can use watermark items for Youtube video. Just write down the credit for authors is fine.
Hope it help.

I believe it’s 0K to upload watermarked previews as long as you credit the author very clearly and include a link to buy the item.

However, i would recommend you to send an e-mail to the Envato staff and make sure that you don’t have to get in touch with the author first.

Hope it helps! :smiley:

Thank you guys! I wrote Envato support as well about this so when I get the answer I’ll let you know.

If the music is AdRev protected you will receive a claim. And you won’t have a license to lift it on your own, so you may have to contact the author to get it lifted, if they’re willing to.