Identifyy question

I am super happy with Identifyy over AdRev after using them for a few months. If you type your AudioJungle artist name into google and then right after you put “haawk for a 3rd party” you can see tons of videos using your stuff even before the reports from Identiffy come in. 2 weeks ago I had 30 pages of vidoes with like 600 results and all of a sudden now it dropped to like 14 pages…does anybody what happened? Is this a google thing that it stopped showing me certain videos? Just wondering. Thanks!


can you show me an example of how to search?

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Happen to me too.

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Same here!

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This happened before, like tracks dissapeared form the report, but then they were back in place. I think it’s something like database update and it’s not working good enough, let’s wait for a day or two. I may be wrong though.

In my case I have watched this “google issue” around a month ago, and it has been growing.
About the report, i am still waiting for May and June to see if identifyy fixed the problem.

Can you show me and exemple of how to search please?

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I just google in videos, the name i have registered in identifyy.

Here you can find the instruction


Same thing here. Used to show 10 to 20 pages, now it only shows 4 (in monthly time frames)

No changes here.

For me doesn’t work i don’t know

mmm That is what i do and it works for me.

something’s not working