Need some help...

Hi. My client bought a track

and Youtube put a Copyright claim to his video

How can I help him and remove this Copyright. There’s no kind of problem, 'cause he has a license to use it.

Thank You. Waiting for your reply.

This can be resolved easily. Your client should fill out the response form to the copyright claim stating that he purchased a license for the music and include a copy of the license certificate with his response.

The copyright claim should be released in a matter of hours.

are you aware of this? I mean, since he got a copyright means that someone uploaded this track to content id, if you are no aware of it then someone else is uploading your songs to content id.

Thanks. I will copy Your reply to my client and let him handle it.

So… It means I’m in trouble?

Yes. If you have not registered your music with ContentID (which is irresponsible when you sell on AJ, hence this type of situations), then someone has fraudulently registered your music. This means that your clients won’t be able to clear the copyright claim. You need to deal with this quickly and regain control of your own assets.

As bad as this is (and it is quite bad), the good news is you’re not the first to whom this has happened. Many authors who had not registered their music have fallen victim to such scams. To my knowledge they all eventually regain ownership of the ContentID fingerprint. You will need to contact the ContentID third-party service provider (such as AdRev, Identifyy,…), their name should appear on the copyright notice.

Good luck with this, this ain’t gonna be fun.

Read the CID overview and “False positive” excerpt.

Good morning,

Is it possible to add ContentID to a track after it has been accepted?


Thaks for information and for help. It ain’t gonna be fun…