Protecting author rights. AdRev + AJ. Does it works?

I have read Exlusice Policy and some Envato Terms. But my question about protecting my music is still open.

As I understood:
Envato does not protect author rights at services like YouTube and the main specifics of this platform (Envato) is selling authors items, help authors to get transactions.
AdRev and some other platforms protects rights at services like YouTube.
Am I right?

Now let me explain for what I’m searching:

  1. I want to use my own tracks on my YouTube Channel without vocals.
  2. I want to use the same tracks on my Youtube Channel with vocals.
  3. I want to protect my author rights for all my youtube content.
  4. I want to sell some of the same tracks by using AudioJungle (also putting links under YouTube Videos).

Now i’m solving the quest:

  1. Upload non-vocal and vocal tracks on AdRev to protect it
    (must be posible for one author)
  2. Upload protected tracks on YouTube.
  3. Upload same non-vocal track on AJ.
    is it posible?
    • for exlusive authors
    • for non-exlusive authors

Thank you for helping me.
Hope this topic will be usefull for those who search for similar solutions.

Sure, you can do it, though I recommend Identifyy. Here you can read about CID The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)


You share very important information in this Guide! Thank you and best regards!

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