I'm a new author specialised in real cello music :D

Welcome @CelloReality!!! Great instrument, great track, awesome music. Expressive!

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Welcome! Your track sounds great - the cello is beautiful. I play cello as well but unfortunately it’s back in my hometown, hoping I can fetch it soon, hopefully make something as great as your track, well done!

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Thanks widekeys! We’re planning on recording some well known classical pieces as well.

Welcome! Cello is one my favorite music instruments) GLWS, man!

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Thanks! Expecting track 2 to be reviewed today… recorded a new soundscape as well as some christmas music as well yesterday :slight_smile:

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Hi CelloReality, :raising_hand_woman:

I just listened to your track: Autumn Rain

It is excellent! Nice. :smiley:


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Welcome! Love the Cello <3

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Thanks for the nice words everyone, very encouraging! Our second tracks just got reviewed and is live: summer sea cello soundscape. Yes, you’ve guessed it: a spring and winter track is in the making :sweat_smile:

OH MY GOD My first sale just happened! A licence for “Music Mass Production”… I’m not quite sure what that means! But first: champagne! :partying_face:


Congrats! Just listened to Summer Sea Cello Soundscape and really enjoyed it!

Yep. This is how unique tracks sell. They have less sales than standard popular tracks but price can be higher and they can generator more broadcast sales. Way to go!

Interesting. I’m registered with a PRO (Buma Stemra, Netherlands), because I have released some music on CD/streaming etc in the past, and have registered my work there.

But it’s interesting you mentioned “broadcast sales”, is that the term people use? Can it amount to a lot of money? Do I simply have to register the track at my PRO, using the title I’ve used on AudioJungle? Do you have tips and resources on this topic? And how does all this relate to Content ID?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Especially that you’ve sold mass reproduction license which can possibly generate you PRO royalties.

Here is an AJ guide about PROs:

And here about CID:

Thanks RedOctopus, I wasn’t aware of that documentation before and I will study if thoroughly. Just had another sale nu the way… standard licence, but still :sweat_smile:

I’m listening to Autumn Rain in loop for like… an hour now! This music is out of this world. AudioJungle is very lucky to have people like you. Thank you for being here.

I’ve read that you too had Amiga background? Are there any works from that period available online? Like Protracker modules? :slight_smile:

Hi Pyjamarama! That is wonderful to hear :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: We will definitely release this in some form on streaming and digital. I’m thinking about making extended versions of the tracks (5-6 minutes) for that release, I’m working on “Spring” today and we could release it as a “Seasons” EP. Maybe under another name, CelloReality is more of a AudioJungle name. Would that be problematic with my exclusive author account, to release extended, perhaps remixed and mastered versions?

I take it you looked up “Carsten Altena” as composer (I have SonargyMusic for more “normal” music, a channel I’m planning on reviving again soon) and yes indeed, I was an Amiga user back in the days. :space_invader: OctaMED was actually my tracker of choice :smiley You too and old Amiga tracker? I have nothing online of that period… it was mainly techno and hardcore, haha.

I should clarify that CelloReality is actually a duo, it’s me (Carsten, doing the soundscapes etc) and my girl (the classically trained cellist) Manuela Verbeek, but since she hasn’t registered with a PRO (yet) I’m the one listed as author.

Not meaning to be spammy (if this is againt ettiquette let me know :sweat_smile:) but our 3rd track is just released:

LINK REMOVED BY CelloReality :slight_smile:

Yes, this kind of self-promotion is against the forum rules. (If it wasn’t, the forums could become choked-up with threads dedicated to advertising individual author’s works.) You can read the forum rules here. The rule on self-promotion is a bit woolly, as it doesn’t go into detail about what extent they consider to be ‘blatent’, but these kind of posts are often removed by moderators.

There is a dedicated thread here that you can use to show off your new AJ releases.

Since it was me that started posting links to your music in this thread, I feel a bit responsible, so sorry about that. As far as I’m aware, it’s okay to post links to other people’s work, as long as you’re not ‘calling it out’ or speaking negatively about it (but I may be wrong about that too!).

You should also know that occasionally, customers come to the forums to ask for specific requests. There is a dedicated message board for that here, and the appropriate threads also pop up in the AJ message board too. In those circumstances, you are allowed to link to your own music if you think that it fits what the customer is looking for. You can read the guidance for that practice in this thread.

Whoops, didn’t intend to break the rules! Thanks Criscracker for the guidance. I will check out those links.

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