New Author! First Rejection! Yay! WWYD?

Hi guys, was wondering if I could have some feedback on this. I’m only starting at this type of music, and not 100% confident my monitoring and/or production skills are as good as they could be so would love to hear your thoughts so I can decide whether to pull the other tracks I have in the queue or not…

Many thanks!


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-At the very beginning of the track, the muted guitar abruptly leaves the reverb
-The chord starts at 0:04 and does not change to 0:12. I think it’s too long.
-The bass is too hard and loud for this genre, maybe it would be worth playing 1/4 notes
-Strings at 0:44 are out of rhythm of the track


The bass guitar is annoying. poor balance of the instruments. You must determine who is main and who is secondary in the mix.

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Some great tips and the bass and strings had been at the back of my mind.
Countered by the ‘nah it’ll be alright’ voice in my head. Screw that guy!

So mainly production rather than composition?

If your track sounded more balanced. most likely it was approved but the quality is lame. I think so.

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The most important balance: commercial useful + idea + composition + production + mixing) When each component will be 20%, then you won))) Seriously, I think that these are the most important aspects of the track, it can’t say that some of them are more important, some less important.

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Great tips thanks guys. My second tune got approved! Woop!

I took onboard all your comments (even those I wasn’t sure I agreed on, I bowed to your experience!) have a listen below if you like.

PS if you guys ever need a pair of ears or anything please don’t hesitate to message me. I think your feedback has helped me improve which I most appreciate.