Feedback on rejected tracks

A couple of days ago I uploaded my first five tracks here to Audiojungle. Within 24 hours I had received hard rejects for all of them. WIthout any feedback aside from the default text, I’m really not sure how to proceed.

I’m hoping you people here might be able to give me some feedback/direction so I know what to aim for. It would be very helpful to know if the issue is with production, composition or both? Anything is appreciated!

The tracks in question:


In my opinion some of works not bad, but in this case works is really without quality standard. you need to continue working on new tracks and also i recommend listen top new items for the weeks or month that you can find in the search of audiojungle. Also i think that your works is a little poor without mastering. i think will be very good if you add harmonics from the distortion or exciter on the high frequencies for the brightness.

Cheers :wink:

Thanks for the advice Elians! I will keep that in mind when working on new tracks, especially comparing the mixes/masters to top tracks here :slight_smile:

@SaToneMedia Hey!

I thought I’d just drop by to quickly give you a few pointers. Here are a couple things you might want to re-examine:

  • quality of the samples you’re using
  • soloing when you could be contributing to the feel, arrangement, or melodic structure
  • unique sounds that aren’t generally appropriate for commercial use
  • breaks in the music

Lastly, I would spend some time developing your mixing and mastering chops. Knowledgable friends, good music, and youtube tutorials/demos were and still are life savers for me.

If you need any other tips I just wrote to someone else with some potentially helpful advice (I hope!). More rejections, Don't know what to do?

Best of luck! Take care

Appreciate the feedback! I thought those could be some of the factors, so it’s good to hear that. It seems that rather than trying for anything adventurous composition-wise, it’s better to just focus on tight arrangement/mixing and have a simple but polished track.


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