Got 3 first tracks rejected. Please advise.

I’ve uploaded my first three tracks to AudioJungle two weeks ago and all three got hard rejects. Could you guys please listen to them and share your thoughts of the possible rejection reasons? Thanks!

Hello, my friend,
listened to your 3 tracks, it seems that you have to make a lot of your composition,
that why you got rejections.

I would like to suggest you to Listen to some work here to have an idea about the quality that AudioJungle required.
also, I suggest you make some daily practice with your daw and try to get some better quality VSTIs if you want to improve your craft.
you are not the only one who has just be patients and don’t give up work work and work, I promise that you will see positive changes,
Just practice again and come back once you feel that you are ready and submit again.
I wish you good luck

Thank you for your feedback! I pretty much understand the idea of practicing in quality improvement, but it’s a bit hard for me to see the difference in composotion and overall quality between my tracks and tons of already submitted tracks on AudioJungle, so what I’m seeking here is a little more precise advices on what’s going wrong or not working in my tracks.

I will give you a quick analyze for example your first track " inspiring advertising"

the intro doesn’t fit the theme of your track, it’s like something horrible is about to happen from a movie or something like that,
better to try some reversed crashes or a soft instrument from your cues or choose anything could fit the story and make the intro better.
The drums sound very poor quality, which means you have to update your samples library and get high-quality samples.
You need to work more on your story structure and make some variations.
You need to work and practice as I said with your mixing and mastering and try to bring closer
the quality that people are submiting.
the same way for the other tracks.
I hope that will help you
( sorry for my bad english)

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Thanks SprodMusic! Your advice will definitely help me in working on my next tracks.

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i wish you good luck my friend