First song, first rejection. I need your feedback and help.

Hi everyone.
It’s my first time here, so don’t be too cruel :wink:

I’ve just got my first rejection:
“Unfortunately, this file doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall, and can’t be approved.”
and the suggestion to go here and ask you for the best possible feedback.

Can you help me please?
What do you think is the main reason of rejection? What should I change and how can I improve my future work?
Any critics would be really appreciated (good advise even more ;)) .
Thank you in advance!

Here is the song:

Hi, have you checked if everything is well in tune? The Bells?

Yes, I have. It’s really simple song (Cmaj).
Thank you for the reply.

Hi, I think the biggest issue is in the mix. The bass is a little too loud and not sitting well with the other elements. It’s hard to nail the mix down and depending on the reviewers set up, it could sound better or worse than you intended. But, that said, to my ears on my headphones, just normal consumer grade gaming headphones, the bass feels too loud and too present.

I would suggest trying to find a similar track to yours that has been approved and do an A/B comparison in your DAW. If you have the luxury of Izotope plugins, you might be able to measure the difference between your mix and the reference you chose.

Otherwise I think it’s a pretty unoffensive and sufficiently corporate tune. When in doubt, add whistling, hand claps and ukulele! (joking)

edit: for the record I find a lot of tracks on here are way too loud and not mixed well. My own tracks included. So don’t take my word as gospel. If it’s not a hard rejection, just try to work on the mix. If it is a hard rejection, upload it somewhere else and start writing your next pieces.

This is a numbers game and you can’t get too hung up on rejections or get too attached to a track. But what you can do, is hone your skills and perfect your craft and if they don’t like your music here, you can find other markets that might. Good luck!

Thank you @aerkraft! It’s very helpful opinion. I’ll try to work more with the mix (trying avoid whistling and ukulele though ;)) and I’ll see.

Totally agree, it’s an illness.