Music Track rejected?

I’ve received an e-mail that my music track is rejected.
They said “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
I would love to receive some feedback from you since I’ve invested some time on the project and I don’t want to waste my time again on the next track.
thank you for your time

I am no expert in this as am in a similar position and have quite a few rejections (only joined a month ago).
Just wanted to say I think this piece sounds really good and the production quality seems to be of a high standard.

From what I’ve read, it seems like it’s more common for rejections and that you just have to keep uploading.
Good luck!!

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Thanks for the answer, as I understand there is a random effect here? That is, even if the track is not bad, it can still be refused.

Just a very quick additional thought from me: maybe the intro is too long and does not “get to the point quickly” enough?

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I read somewhere the information that potential buyers don’t have time to listen to the whole track and they listen for 15 seconds and cut it down, so it’s recommended to cling to it right from the beginning of the song. But only here because of the long start can reject the track?

I am still learning what the criteras might be for a hard reject exactly. But I already guess: it might be a reject reason already, yes.

In general, for the next track it is better to make a short introduction.
Maybe there are more clues? I will be grateful for any of your advice, since I myself am still a beginner in this

Yesterday I sent this work here, should I hope that it can be accepted or is it also not in that format?

For more tipps regarding on how to “avoid” a rejction maybe other (more experienced) users might be of help. Regarding the new title: if I was you, I would post it in another thread, since it has nothing to do with the rejection on your first posted track. :wink:

Sounds good to me, i just thunk the bass is weak but still fine. not sure why it was rejected. This may be useful for documentaries, chilling or erotic video etc.

As for the long intro which is not to the point I’m confused, i think it shouldn’t matter. In fact, a lot of commercial videos sometimes use long intros soundtracks at least having a good stinger will do. So i assume this is the taste of the reviewers that matter, which is very subjective. Just my two cents.

Thanks for your answer, it means a lot to me

Most of the time is the type of music that does not work.
The track, winter is coming i think might be regected because it 's clipping in the “drop” and overall the mix is a bit muddy.

For what i hear all your track are a little bit too artistic.
I hope with this to give you some advices.
Take your tracks.
Can you use them to edit a video?
Take a vlog or a commercial or a scenario where your music should play.
Can you actually edit a video on top of that?
What type of energy is providing?
What type of feeling does your music provide to a specific video?
Who is on the other side?
There’s a Videomaker editing a video with a your music, not a videomaker editing a DESofficial music.
IMHO if you are on the right way. Keep going.

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Again I ask who are the people making these decisions and what are their qualifications to make such decisions? This piece is excellent. I strongly suspect that the “judges” don’t have a clue about music or music composition. And they certainly have no clue about production.

I have some questions:

  1. Did you write the score?
  2. Did you perform/create the instruments?
  3. Who produced the recording session? You are someone else?
  4. What studio was the recording done at?

Hello, thank you for your words.

  1. Yes
  2. Created
  3. I created the music myself
  4. Recorded in a studio in the city, mixed at home.

No expert until my tracks get accepted, but I’m becoming quite an expert in rejections!!
Just thought I’d give my input regarding the long intro.
Whilst everything is fine - for production music (and second guessing the sales value thoughts of whoever judged your track), I’d suggest the long intro is fine AS LONG AS something develops and happens within it. i.e. some sort of effect at 8 seconds after the first 4 bars, and an evolving riser/build up leading up to where the track starts more fully at 16 seconds. Without that, it’s probably too boring/repetitive to capture the interest. I have nothing to mention on production quality, sounds great to me, just the build up of interest, even if it’s just a static string line with the cut off filter automating towards the opening would lift it.

Thank you for your reply, I completely agree with you.

Perhaps because of the sound of water drops which will interfere with the images of a videographer client?

I don’t know, maybe so.

Geromine has a point - I just listened again to the intro and imagined how good it would be if those droplets took the rhythmic lead and were positioned more musically, would transform it IMO.

I have only one question, just rejected this track. He did not suit them?