Help! My track was rejected

Appreciate some feedback or advice. The track was rejected because “does not meet commercial quality standard”

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Hey there!

I liked the track a lot. You had some really cool instrumentation in it!

There were some points where some instruments seemed off tempo to me. If syncopation or polyrhythm was the intention, I would advise to keep things like that as simple as possible. The piano also seemed a bit too loud at points. I think the progression and melodies were really great though!

Listening to the types of tracks that do well on Audiojungle in a genre you want to make and then learning from them as an example is a great tool that can help make our tracks better for stock music purposes. It can give us an idea of the type of productions and quality Audiojungle is looking for.

Everyone gets rejections on here, it’s a part of the process. Don’t let it get you down! Keep doing what you are doing! Its really easy to think of each song as your baby, and to get discouraged if it gets rejected, but moving on to the next one can help us grow a lot as music makers.

Just my thoughts on the matter. Hope you have a good rest of your day, and good luck with your music!

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Thanks for your time and your comments. Very appreciate!!

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