Rejected song. Any tips?

Had a song get rejected for what I’m guessing is a standard reason. “This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard either, unfortunately.” This is my first submission and I’m a little confused by the vague/standard rejection reply so I thought I would come here and get some advice.

Also, the rejection also said that Id be unable to re-submit the track in the future. Any idea why that policy is in place?

Any way, here’s the track. Thanks in advance for checking it out and any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I think I can answer this but don’t take it as gospel. They are correct that mixing and mastering is off.

  1. The bass frequencies needs to be managed as they are adding a lot of mud and dissonance to your song.

  2. the sustain on the piano is not properly managed either. It gets cloudy in certain places because one part bleeds into the other.

  3. the reverb on the piano needs to be adjusted as it it competing with the piano. cut the frequencies in the mid and lower mids.

  4. The percussion is small and tinny.

  5. low mids are really muddy. is there reverb on everything? I would take it off and conservitavly bring it back up.

  6. listening again, it all sounds pretty washed out when it breaks into the orchestral section. you need to find the sonic pocket for each instrument.

Whew, I really like the melodies in this track. It’s very pretty. If you go back in and make some space for everything and really watch the lower frequencies, you will have a great track. Mixing is the weakest link in the chain for me. It’s the dark art of making music sound great. don’t get discouraged. Go back and fix those things and re-submit.

Man, i really liked the track yea, it does sound a little bit muddy but that’s totally along the lines of it being acceptable. Didn’t bother me at all. The reviewr must’ve been in a bad mood or something.

Thanks for the candid reply ProTunes. I’m listening again with your comments in mind and can definitely hear what your talking about with the low frequencies and reverb. I’ll try to adjust accordingly. Any tips on how to make the percussion bigger without taking up all the headroom? Thanks again for listening and for the tips.

Thanks for listening Sinewave. Haha, maybe it was just a bad day for the reviewer. I’ll re-work a few things and maybe catch them on a good day. lol

All the dirt created a limiter on the master bus do not need much “push”. If you place a reverb via sends, below the reverb plugin, check the EQ and put the frequency in the area of 500 Hz -3 -6 dB at the ear. Good luck

Thanks for the tips EvgenM.

Np man. You should bus everything but the perc to a bus and turn it down. You can also see where the perc lies freq wise and cut this frequencies in the bass notes of your song.

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That’s a good idea. Will do. Thanks!