Got a hard reject. Could use a little guidance.

Haven’t uploaded in a long time and recently all my tracks get rejected. Any advice on this one?

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Good job! IMHO this has a place in Audiojungle.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, i appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Well, it got rejected. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that buddy, don’t give up and keep the good work going. :rocket:

Try get some more feeling to the piano, and a better sounding break beat hi hat.
The rest sounds very nice!

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Cool track, piano is the only thing I can really find fault with. Later on it gets lost in the mix a little maybe? It’s the main melody line so I think it’s a bit low in the mix in parts. Like atlemusic said, the piano sound could use a little something extra. It’s lacking presence I guess you could say. Hopefully some tinkering will produce something acceptable. :smiley: Although I think they may be rejecting everything that doesn’t have Ukulele now.

Yeah, i can see the problem with the piano line, but is that a reason for hard reject? That automatic response they have doesn’t tell me anything about what’s wrong with it.

We can only guess at reasons for rejection, as they don’t give any reasons for hard rejections. You just have to use your best judgement on what to do with your track, and also ask on the forums. They seem to hard reject all the time now, so I wouldn’t assume that a track can’t be turned round to getting approved if it was hard rejected. Obviously you need to make some kind of significant change to re upload a hard rejected item.

I guess, but since i don’t see major flaws with the track, then i have no idea what significant changes i can make. Feels like i’m shooting in the dark.

this is a really cool track . love it . have you tried contacting the support ?

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Do they even respond to something like this? They sound pretty stuck in their way with these kind of things. That automatic response should just read “Don’t bother us with this” :slight_smile:

unfortunately :disappointed: . though , i suggest you send them a tweet . they’ll respond asap