Rejected, again rejected ...

Hi friends! Most of my tracks are hard rejected. The answer is always the same: “Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.” I don’t understand what is my mistake? Filling / mixing / mastering? I will be glad to hear your opinion! All good sales !!!

Hi there!

Great work!

For the first track, I would go ahead and play the piano in manually, it sounds uniform and quantized. Also the low drum rhythm is getting lost in the mix, not a lot of attack and maybe a bit muddy down there. Finally, some kind of variation or break would go a long way, give it some release in the middle, and then start driving it hard like you were doing.

The second track in like manner actually sounds like a good response to a melody that isn’t there, I would make that the B section and come up with a main theme it can play against. Also the string patch might need some articulation work.

Third one has great composition! If you do that with the other two you’ll be in great shape. Not sure the low brass underscore is doing it for the intro, sounds muddy and different. Also when the main theme comes in the second section (awesome by the way), when you go up to E, E-F#E and then F#, F#-G-F#, there’s too much of a gap there, need to work on that phrasing.

Still you’re really good at what you’re doing and not far off, good luck!

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Thanks so much for your comment! I really did not notice these errors!

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Your music is very nice, and I have a few comments only

Your mix or master is like it has a layer of mud, or a blanket covering the sound
I think you need to remove some… and clean the low end from sounds, and make some sounds brighter, use massive passive plugin eq emulation for highs, like melda production turbo EQ “passive” emulation, and boost the 16 or 20 k, it adds briliant highs.

Actually thats my comment, and what I think is problematic.

Many sounds sound muddy especially the pianos. try to balance things also a bit more evenly

and are you making your own mastering right? watch out not to damage the sound!


clean also the low mids a bit, around 110-300, this is tricky area, needs not to have lots of these freqs


Thanks so much for your comment! I think your opinion is correct and important to me! I will certainly apply your advice in my next tracks! Yes, I do the mastering myself.

Envato! Are you bullying me? rejection 5 items in a row. I’ve uploaded about 100 tracks to your site! You want to say during this time I have forgotten how to write and has fallen in quality??? What’s wrong with the quality of the music kit??? The original track was accepted and is being sold. This is lawlessness and harassment of authors. Your reviewers are not competent.