Newbie needs help.. Why is my music rejected - Production quality or the actual composition?

First time uploading to a stock music site and wanting some help to know why these piano instrumentals were rejected.

Main thing I want to know if you think it’s the production quality? or is it something else to do with the actual composition?

Thanks so much, really appreciate any help you all can offer,

While listening to 1st one, it was wonderful and excellent, but AudioJungle lately wants more commercials tracks, and with a bright commercial quality sound etc. So I would say the piano is a tad dull in highs and presence, and maybe the 120-250 Hz is too much, 3rd its too big (yes I know big is better, but sometimes worse for approval) Also just one piano - track, has to be have much commercial sound to be accepted.

I love it, and I would approve it, but also I feel is not so commercial as it is (length wise, orchestration wise and mixing) seems a bit dull and raw. But I would approve it!

Also as you are a new member, make sure all other technical details are correct, like watermark, format, and all.

Good luck

2nd track, beautiful again, but make sure the mastering is done by a pro, some resonant frequencies need reduction, when using just one instrument it has to sound PERFECT

Hi, great to see and hear a real piano player in action. The compositions are a bit monotonous and repetitive but not bad at all.

Good morning,

Great stuff!

As far as the first one is concerned, I’d shorten the first section add some more dynamics. Try and play that part softer and mess around with your articulations to create a sense of movement. Once you start in with the left hand arpeggio you’re in good shape. Just play each repetition with a different emphasis.

Also I’m hearing a vibration/rattle when you play G above middle G.

Good luck!