My tracks were rejected and I dont understand the reason why. May you help me, pls?

Here is one of my 5 tracks which were rejected. I dont know what is wrong with it. Maybe is the general sound, maybe is the genre, maybe is the way is constructed (with long introduction). This is not really a track for commercials but something like trailer music, orchestral music. Please tell me what do you think is wrong with it, if you have time to listen and give feedback. :smiley: Thank you anyway


While the general idea is good, there are several reasons for rejection in my opinion.

The piano is too mechanical and lack human feel. You need to play with the velocity and not use 100% quantization.

The strings sound cheap and synthy, you need to use a better library with more expression.

The global mix sounds muddy, or rather bland. It could also use some widening.

When the drum hits it sounds undefined and it muddies the rest of the mix. There are some volume issue here and there that need to be addressed. (maybe a compression issue)

Also, it sounds like you pitch-shifted the watermark, they don’t want that.

And you’re right the intro (and the whole track for that matter) is a bit long, though it’s not the main issue.

This is just my opinion, and is not meant harshly. Hope it can help :slight_smile:


It’s a nice composition but the strings need a lot more expression to make them more dynamic and interesting. Same with the piano, it needs more variation in the velocity. For my taste a good touch of reverb would help the overall sound gel together and more dimensional.

Hope that’s helpful.

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Thank you for the feedback. Now that I am paying attention, it is true about the piano and strings. I will change them and I will try to work with the mix more then I did. Hope it will sound much better.

Did you pitchshift the audiojungle watermark wav up?

Thank you for your words. I will try to work with the strings or use others. I have to work also more with the general mix. I have other songs with piano and strings used like soundtracks and there were ok. It is my fault I worked just to compose and develop the music but neglecting the sound…


Hello, having only posted two tracks on AJ a few years ago… I can’t pretend I am an expert, but the piano sounds so mechanical in the intro… like if you had placed notes on a piano roll, quantized, and all with the same velocity. This does not sound good to my ear.

Also the AJ watermark is pitched, and they clearly state you should not alter it in any way.
I think these two problems might be enough to explain the rejection - the reviewer might only have listened to the first 20 seconds of your track.

Thank you for the feedback! I know I made a mistake with the AJ watermark… Yes, the piano is very linear in velocity and I will try to change it. Anyway, these days I listened to a lot of music on AJ and I think the best songs are excellent in sound and mixing but there are a lot with worst sound or mix then mine. BUT I have to think to be the best and not just better then the last ones :smiley: So I will try to make better mix and better sounds for some instruments.