Hi guys

After a year in the Audiojungle I mainly receive rejections and only four of my items got into and receiving a generic message doesn’t help much. If anyone could take a look to some of this tracks to point if it is the piece, the production, the arragement or whatever, I will be very thankful. These are only the last three rejections. Thanks again!!!

lol. that watermark may not be the right idea ?


Thank you!!!

I am new in AJ. So my knowladge is based on tutorials i consume. I have listened to Emotional mom… and I think track is very good but last part change everything. Is like different story. I would remove last part. Try to make tracks without sadden energy level change.

I appreciate that feedback. Thank you!!!

Any other suggestions???

Really?: change the watermark first before asking advice here!

Watermark fixed!!!

Hello everybody ! I listened to these three songs. I will express my opinion. All these compositions are united by a dull and muddy sound, and the absence of a phantom center - the instruments are “smeared” in space. There are obvious mistakes in mixing - 1) equalization, 2) dynamics processing (compression, gate, expander), 3) creating space in the mix. Sorry for my English. Good luck!

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OK. The first thing you have to fix is to create a brighter, clearer sound. The piano you used in the corporate is much more clear than in the emotional track. Also what the others say about mixing. My aim is alway to use as little compression as possible. Expecially when you have a kick/beat combined with piano. When you have mastered this, work on the next problem which occurs for sure… Good luck!!

I appreciate all these feedback, it will make me learn from different points of view to correct my mistakes. I keep listening more suggestions. Thank you!!!