Second time hard rejection on this track, need advice

This specific track is in the style im used to do, and, usually i have no problems with getting this kind of song accepted.
But this one got rejected for the second time even after i have made some changes (hope for the best)!
I’m not very experienced and would love to have some experienced advice!

no one? :confused:

where is the track?

it should be on the first post, i used soundcloud o.O

My guess it’s:

  1. That lead piano(?) sound. Or is it a mixed piano/guitar? Anyway it’s too harsh and somehow overdriven and sharp.
  2. Violin Solo from 0:38 to 1:12 is grabbing too much attention. Background production music is supposed to support the picture, not to draw attention from it.
  3. Drum part. It’s more like folk song played by a band for people to listen. It should be simpler, but should not loose that vibe.

It’s a great track with no doubt, but is it suitable for this particular market, wich has it’s own rules? Make your research to see (I mean hear) by yourself what is the point.

I really think there’s a place here for music like this, but it should be like more «standartized».

Piano and mix is very blurry (make piano brighter, also sounds like all instruments are pushed too high in volume). Drums not punchy and clear (add transient attack designer) . Also “audiojungle” watermark has reverb on it, and I guess maybe that itself is a reason to decline.Its a nice track and imo should be accepted though. Good luck!

Aww, the piano meant to sound that way… i really liked the fact that it feels smashed and distant :frowning:
But yeah i understand what you mean… specially because it is not the standard from the songs that are usually accepted here… i enjoy trying something different to see if it works.
Thanks for your advices i’m gonna work with of them in the mix to see if it gets in!

I have never used a transient shaper to be honest. Gonna take a look and learn!
And the AJ watermark shouldnt have any reverb because i added it to the song after i rendered it o.O
Thanks for your advice dude, i’m gonna improve the mix according to it :slight_smile:

Maybe not in particular transient shaper. But drums are lost in mix, maybe they nned higher volume. And by saying piano is blurry and boost highs, maybe that means that you have to decrease some lowmids of it. Watch out of high energy sounds and frequencies. Control your mix in a nice clear way

Ohh kay i see what you mean!
The piano soloed its something really smashed and blurry to be honest i wanted to keep it that way
But its not worth if it doesnt fit the mix.
In fact looks like i’m missing some basic mixing knowledge

What I though was clear in 1st listen, it was uncertain in 2nd listening. :smiley: :smiley: I bet it was the best feedback ever

Just the fact that you took some time to listen and share some wisdom to help someone is something amazing!
It’s always good to hear an oppinion from someone that havent listened to the song yet :slight_smile:

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I think stereo field is very small and unstable. It feels like 20 people playing in small room randomly placed. Work on panning and make some stems mono.

Hi there,

I’m guessing there might be an issue with the articulations on the string solo sound, compared to everything else it’s probably on the artificial side. After that the rhythm guitar gets a little buried and the bass is pretty hot. Just thin the mix out a little bit and you’ll be golden!

By the way, when they say “never upload this again” after a hard reject, does that make some allowance for retooling and resubmit?

  • Nathan

all stems are stereo indeed, good point!

Thanks for your advice!

Well it happened to me to get hard rejected and after some changes in the mix the track got in so i guess they just tell that so people don’t keep trying to send the same track a thousand times