Need your advice, hard rejected track

Hello everybody, can please someone tell me, what is wrong with this song? I don’t understand the reasons of rejection. Please, help me, I don’t understand my mistakes.

Hey there,

let me give a try, while I will mainly assume, while I am new here and also still learn how AJ “thinks”. :wink:

First: the guitar sounds a bit “unintended” distorted at 4 secs around 395 Hz. It’s probably just some audio illusion, due to the fact that there also start these rattle percussion, maybe? It was at least something I directly noticed, while listeneing to it.

Then you seem to have some “hard cuts / changes” (first one at 45 secs). It nearly sounds like two different pieces to me. Why not using the guitar and piano all together to stick to one similar overall sound?

The fast guitar riff seems a bit hectic to me when repeated so often. I also noticed that so many AJ tracks or dead repetitive, still: mabye it’s ok with a less hectic motif?

I am looking forward to more experienced AJ authors so that I hopefully also can learn from it.

Good luck the next time! (=

Thanks a lot for your reply

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The intro and guitar parts are amazing, but then the piano - drums part is not good, very mechanical feel in piano and not interesting. Also the intro and outro pad is very, very simple. You should layer your sounds and make them more interesting with more layered instruments and not just 1, and make the piano part a bit more exciting


Thank you for your help