Help Understand - Why Rejected?

Dear friends, musicians, help me find what I should fix in this track, what would it be, thank you))

Hey there,

as always: I am just guessing, while still trying to understand the AJ principles myself, hehe.

To your track:

  • Maybe the reviewer did not like the guitar riff, which goes through the whole piece without “resting”? I would have let the riff paused ore at least varied at some point so that it does not get to exhausting to the ears.
  • The melody starting at 34 secs. sounds a bit too simple to me. It’s just a slow trill on a third “back and forth”. Maybe this was too simple to the reviewer as well? I would have tried to come up with a more complex melody.
  • Mixing wise there seems to be missing some bass aroudn 150 Hz, to my taste. Maybe it was the mix, the reviewer did not like. Just guessing.

All the best with the next submission! (=

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Thank you friend!!!
No one has written an answer to me yet, thanks for responding and coming to the rescue))

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practise more, and ask your musicians friends opinions

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Thank you friend, I would like to hear your comments about my track and why do you think the rejected?

intro is good, the piano at 0:18 till 0:50 is too fake sounding and too loud and out of mix, also melody is not good… break at :1:05 is pretty boring and empty, also at 1:23 a new snare is introduced with the same fake sounding piano, why? end is really boring and uninteresting…

That’s why I said you need practice. Practice on your arrangement and sounds

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big tnx

if you fix the piano and remove the new heavy snare , make a nicer piano melody the track would be nice

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Thanks … let’s try