Please help with pointing the reasons for rejection

Hello , my track was rejected for quality issues…would you please help pointing out the mistakes and how to improve upcoming tracks?
Thanks in advance

Hi @MusicBundle, nice track, I like it!

I think the piano accompaniment has too reverberation, try less reverb.
The guitar sounds good for me, instead the snare sound is not the best, a little bit plastic… The ending is too abrupt…

I think you can improve for sure, good luck! :slight_smile:

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@Floberaudio, thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate.

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Hi @MusicBundle, I think the snare/clap could use a lot more pop, far less reverb would bring it forward in the mix and give a lot more energy back to the track. The bass is fairly high in the mix too. The piano line you’ve used could be reduced to a single note melody and with a lot less reverb you’d have a great alternate/counter melody. The ending needs to be more defined too, I don’t think fades do well in this sort of genre. A clean resolving chord with an open cymbal would help the track too. The production is pretty good though! Electric guitar sounds great! Keep it up!

@singhstudio, will put your points in consideration, thanks alot for taking the time to review my item.