Item rejection. Advices are appreciated

Hello everyone. My item was rejected because it “does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle”. Could you please listen to it and let me know what, in your opinion, is wrong. Because Envato definitely won’t tell.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Dmitriy,

I`ve had a couple of rejects with this reason lately. It feels as if AJ tries to narrow down tracks influx, so even if nothing particular wrong with a track, but it has questionable sales potential to the reviewer, he would rather not accept it. Your track is nice, and has interesting moments, but maybe its repetitious form is the problem. The snare especially, is very repetitive.

Hope you make it with the next one!

AJ reviewers are not exactly fans of guitar solos, especially the ones like yours that can potentially distract the listeners from the voice over.

Also, I agree with @Soundlufs about the snare. The arrangement is too monotonic, you need to keep listener entertained by changing some things. Breakdown is a great way to do that. Do the build up and then stop all the percussion (tension & release) and then get back to the same pace with some new element.

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I think that your track is good, so keep it going and I’ll get it!
Don’t give up!