Help! Rejected track. Again

Please explain me what is wrong with this track - I really don’t understand this time(

I’ve got this note:
Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Hi, in my opinion this track is empty and too monotonous, also there are not enough trivia (everything is constantly repeating, there is no development on the drum part (it is but late when I already want to turn it off and do not listen any more) the bass probably he too often stands out and he does not cover anything (the focus is more on the bass, but it should not be so) is too allocated and acts on nerves. Good luck!

I personally like it, and, putting my multimedia project producer hat on, I can readily imagine using this track for something.

Thanks! But why they don’t like it?

And what is the exact meaning of “this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard”?

I’m a fairly new user here, with only a couple of accepts and a discouraging pile of rejections. But it seems they have several different canned rejection messages, and the “commercial quality standard” one does not necessarily mean they think the track is “bad” music – it may be a fine composition, a fine mix, etc., for being a piece of music. But they don’t think it will appeal to their customers.

Obviously that is subjective. One reviewer might reject something that another reviewer would accept. And again, I would (plausibly) use this track. I do wish we got more detailed feedback as to why they reject pieces, but I am starting to get the impression that it might not matter – there may be nothing wrong with the track, and it may even be commercially viable to the right customer. But we’re proffering up product for sale at Envato’s store, and they decide what they want to put on the shelves.

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Do you think I should submit it under another account?

I believe that is frowned upon, possibly with penalty of losing your account.


You do not have to re-send the same track, they have a log, so for the first time if you do so, you will receive a warning about blocking, the second disabling of both your accounts, do not risk!


Thank you! how can I see is it a hard rejection or not?

If your settings say (by default)indicated, receive notifications , then check your email!! Settings/ e-mail settings

The trivial reviewer decided that this track is not a format for AJ.