Music Track Rejected (This item does not meet the general commercial quality)

Looking for some insight. I submitted a track (first track to be reviewed as of yet) and got an email from AJ rejecting my track saying…“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

Ok, I’'m not exactly the best person to comment (my first track was also rejected on the same grounds - but it was a stupid error on my part) but I can make the following comments:

I think you have a good idea for the basis of a track. But you need to develop it more.

I think this is your main problem. The sounds you used are very “plastic” sounding. i.e. the samples/patches you used were not of high quality. It sounds like oldskool generic GM MIDI patches or stock sounds from your DAW. We can’t get 100% realism, but we can do a lot better.

It sounds like everything is panned hard left and hard right. There is almost nothing in the centre of the stereo field. It sounds “wide”, but unnaturally so. Also, check your levels. It doesn’t have the “loudness” (i.e stoopid amounts of compression) that it should.

It is essentially a loop with little in the way of forward movement. There is nothing that is driving the track forward. Think one-time swooshes and hits that punctate the sections of the piece.

Just my 2 cents. I’m sure some people will disagree with some or all of what I’ve said. It’s probably best to take some advice from someone with a few more sales under their belt!

Anyway, don’t give up! Best of luck for your next submission!

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