I need your advice: My Submission isn't at the quality standard

Hi everyone!

I’ve just got my first submission rejected. I read the quality standards but I’m not sure what the problem is with my track. Maybe some of you have more experience and could share there thoughts with me!

Here is the track that got rejected:

Many thanks in advance!


I think your track is maybe a little to much to the artistic side. I think it has a cool slightly dark trippy vibe, which might be to special and not very generic for AJ use. I would simply read this article 7 tips to help you succeed on AudioJungle and focus on more simpler commerical tracks. A little dash of originality is good, but try your tracks under different videos you think it will work under and see how it feels. A clear description what you think the tracks is going to suit is also important I would say. Good luck!

Thank you very much for this feedback! I really appreciate it.
I think I better understand now what the problem is. I’m a little relieved that the production quality itself might not be the problem.

Many thanks!

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