Quick Question About Quality

I just had this track rejected and it suggested inquiring in the forum why that might be. I’m kind of at a loss as to what the quality issues might be, as I feel I’ve had much worse produced tracks approved, so I’m looking for any and all feedback that might help me going forward.

Thanks a bunch!

I guess it’s not about production quality but music content itself. Sound a bit unusual for AudioJungle.


nice composition! What was the cause of the rejection? I think it’s typical cinematic track.

I would think about changing sample library to more realistic one. This one is on the edge. Of course you can try to fight with more complex velocity changes or gluing it all together with better reverb which will simulate room or you can try to eq it better (e.g. making it little more darker).

Also mastering is slightly over compressed. It’s not a huge problem, but I would recommend lowering gain.

I think it’s not about quality… I agree with @DenisPavlovMusic … maybe it’s unusual style on AJ… I love your track! I think it is quite original and fresh, expressive… but I’ll try to help you to find out what’s going on on AJ’s eyes: when you are connecting chords, I listen the notes with bridge function that sounds a little bit weird (0:05, 0:17)… well it’s just an opinion. Maybe with some percussion you can give more strength and personality…
anyway, I think it’s a great track! congratulations and good luck with future approvals.