Rejected track - what's wrong with it?


The message was along the lines of, track does not meet quality standards. That’s it, nothing else. Feedback I need is what made it a reject in particular do you think? The master? The samples? The style? …


Cool track composition-wise, really enjoyed listening through it.

The piano could use some more dynamics, I feel it’s stuck on 70% velocity setting most of the time and is too staccato-choppy, needs some more humanization, then strings, flutes, guitar and your kick and ride cymbal all sound like they’re from the 90’s - artificial.

Having said that, if you fixed all of this, you’d have a great track, but I think it would still be too long and complex for AudioJungle. Buyers looking for cinematic music usually need something that’s got a 20-30 second intro and then goes full blast straight away, about 2 minutes long in total, and much simpler in structure, no distinct melodies and soloing snippets, but who knows…Anyway, the production on the most popular cinematic tracks on AJ is always spot on, take a listen to the cinematic category yourself and familiarize yourself with the quality standard that’s expected around here, it’s quite tough to deliver. :slight_smile:


Hhmmmm, given that feedback, maybe audio jungle isn’t for me actually. Unless I make shorter tracks (which I have and I will try those) but for the longer more soundtrack type tracks, which libraries would you recommend (if you can)? I don’t know that many yet.



I totally dig it. I think maybe try to diversify the sites you sell on. Audio Jungle is in a “weird” moment right now.