First track rejected! Looking for help on why

Hey guys, new user here looking to improve my stuff. I’m not sure what the cause of my rejected submission is; the mix, production quality, playing quality, genre, length, something else?? Thanks for the feedback!

Hey there, what category might this be? I guess audiojungle is aiming for commercial use of tracks, I am not sure what kind of clients are you targeting this to, and the pulsing bass might need tone down a bit? :slight_smile:

hum… maybe it’s a little bit out of commercial standards. it’s my first impression.
Also I think your track has a lot of personality… a well defined melody, not that simple… maybe this can distract attention in a production.
anyway, I like your track… it’s really great … at 1:30 you did a great change… I would did a reverse or something. cymbal?
Back on the topic, I think the cause may be the tremolos… sounds very original but a little bit weird ,.
mm I’m thinking… if this were approved, for sure would get some sales! :smiley: I’m sure there’s lots of customers that are seeking original things like yours :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement guys. It was very helpful! Sounds like I need to reel it in a little bit and think more about what the end commercial use will be. Hopefully better luck on my next submissions!