Music track rejected - please help & opinion

Hello everyone!
Please help! My first track on Audiojungle was rejected. I hope there’s something useful I can learn from that. If you have the will and the time, please direct me - where I made the mistakes.
I wasn’t personally affected by the fact that my track was rejected, because I’m aware that I’m making mistakes in production, and probably elsewhere. I ask your esteemed opinion and advice.
Thank you very much, very much!

HI There, welcome to the forum!
What a funky tune, I can tell you worked hard on this one.
It starts off great but as soon as the horns and vocal come in the mix is very inconsistent. I’m a trumpet player and i’m not sure what reverb you’ve used but it doesn’t fit the rest of the track. I think musically there is a little too much going on and I think the commercial angle is lacking from this track for the likes of AudioJungle.
I would certainly listen to other songs on Audiojungle in this genre and copy their mix and maybe simplify it musically.
Good luck

Thank you very much for the concrete and useful comment! It seems to me, too, that at some point there’s a huge crowd in the mix… I should have reduced the arrangement… next to everything else, as you say. Thanks again for your help!

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