Help needed for rejected music


Hi all ,

I am new in composing music and. I have submitted my new piece of music to audio jungle and obviously it was rejected.
I need help in giving me some direction , tips , focus what ever I can change to make it hear better or my next piece. I have been told by the reviewer that the community can help me out with this .

Thanks a lot.
Here is the link to the audio:



…and where is the link???


Sorry, it is updated now


Good track.

  1. I think the main reason for the reject, it is mastering and mixing. In the mix instruments sound as if each individually, there is no feeling that it is a mix. Maybe it’s because I do not well-chosen instruments or low-quality loops or samples.
  2. Form: I would say not a commercial.
    I advise you to find a reference track, here on audiojungle,or other place and try to come close in form and sound.


Thanks a million , great feedback , I will follow your suggestions.


Hello friends,
Please listen to some top tracks. And try to “copy” it quality, arrangement as close as you can. At the begining, it’s the good way to learn from the top. Then you can create tracks in your ways. Hope you get luckier.
Merry Christmas.


Thank you , I will do that


I posted this in a different thread and thought I would try this one to see if any of you have any better feedback.

I just had three tracks rejected too. Can anyone give them a listen and let me know what you think may be wrong? I have them on my sound cloud account and have added my own watermark.

I would love any feedback on what I need to do differently to get my music accepted.