My track got rejected, I want to know how to improve it

Hi, I uploaded these tracks to AudioJungle, as a set of Music tracks (two of them are shorter versions of the first), I got rejected, andI do not know why. I am new to AJ, and would appreciate the comments of someone who has some experience in it, to see how can I improve them. Also I was told for being so far off AJ standards I could not submit them again, is there a way of acheiving a good quality on the same tracks and upload them? with hard variations? if not, are there other sites / libraries where I can offer them? I am interested in improving them, however if they are not accepted in AJ for being previously rejected, it would be nice to have them exposed somewhere they can be sold. Thanks in advance, Greetings,
Felipe (Colombia, South America)

Hi, mate! First of all your samples quality is to low. You need to use relevant samples and vst instruments. Also you need to listen top sellers to understand what kind of arrangements, mood, what instruments set’s are fine for commercial background music. Hope it help you. Good luck!