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Hi there , I sent this track for review and got hard rejected. I was wondering if you guys be kind enough to tell me what you think is wrong with this submission . I just want to know if the problem is with the Composition or the Production ( mix , mastering ). I’m new to selling royalty free music , but my items are getting accepted by other similar websites and also have a few sales . but all of my items are getting hard rejected here . I want to know that should I spend more time and improve the quality of my tracks or should I make different types of tracks for Audiojungle ?

Thank you for your time

Not sure why this was rejected, but my guess is that the mix could be pimped up a little. One thing I noticed instantly is that the organ is a little distracting, so either lower it in volume or try center it in the mix with a stereo widener or something so its more integrated in the mix. Maybe also give the kick a little more deep punch. You could also try a tiny bit more delay or reverb to the guitar lick to make it sit more smooth in the mix. I do think its sounds like a good licensable track. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply , so in general you think the reason for the rejection is the production and not the composition right ? and if so is it a good idea to mix the track again and resubmit ? tnx again

Your welcome, I´m no expert in this genre so maybe wait for some more opinions from authors. As far as I have understood you need to make significant changes to be able to re submit a tracks, not sure if mix tweaks as this is enough to qualify. Ideally if it only were minor mix tweak you should get a soft reject, but I doubt reviewers have time to provide mix notes. So my guess is the mix, but wait for more opinions to get a better picture :slight_smile:

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yeah, you’re right . thank you again for your helpful feedback

Hi there, I’m new to AudioJungle but I have a little experience in this type of genre.

The arrangement itself is great I think but a few things jump out at me production wise;

The Kick
…sounds too clicky and flat. Try to reduce the attack with a “transient designer” or a compressor with a quick attack and use some analog modelled saturation to treat the bottom end to a little extra weight and harmonic content.

Stereo Image
This is the main issue I think, it feels lopsided. Your electric piano is sitting to the left and sounds very “on” the speaker - like Mojo said it would be better off centred in the mix, a little behind the speaker (you could filter off some of the hardness or wet the reverb up a bit) with some volume taken out of the middle channel with an MS processor, this will allow your plucked guitar (very nice) some space to open up.

Your strings/pad is on the right channel along with the bongos, same thing really… you want pads really wide, balanced left to right and not so present. The bongos, I’d spread them around the stage on both channels but closer to the middle rather than having them all on the right, maybe cut a db of woolliness out of them with a very gentle EQ notch at 400hz and open the filter on the top end slightly.

Put your offbeat hat much closer to the middle, or even dead centre, the purpose of it is to be an equal and opposite force against the kick so when it’s way off to the right like that the track lacks drive.

You’ve gone a bit OTT with side-chain compression on the pads/strings, bass and white noise cymbals/risers etc. The timing’s a little off too, the release is quite fast so the audio pings back too early and fails to compliment the nice swing/groove you’ve got going on with your percussion and hats.

I find pulling back the threshold until I’m getting 3-5db of gain reduction then tuning the release so that it swells back nicely in time with the offbeat works well. It goes without saying but use your ears for this, the GR meter rarely gives any useful info regarding the feeling of groove.

Hopefully I don’t come across like some new jack here sticking his oar in where it ain’t needed but I also hope my input will be of some use in getting your track accepted :blush:.

Hi there , I can’t thank you enough for your detailed and helpful feedback . I can see now that you and Mojo are both right. my mix has some serious issues . Thanks to you guys now I think I know how should I improve my next submission. just one other thing : what do you think about the mastering of the track ? I guess the level is in the ballpark but should it be more compressed or anything ?
Thank you so much for your time :sweat_smile:

No worries at all.

The level sounds fine to me, more compression/limiting will only reduce dynamic range and smear transients!

All the best for your next submission. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks again :pray:

Hello, my last item has been rejected. That’s really strange, cause my very first track has been approved almost immediately. But for past 3 months, I got more than 8 hard rejections. And the comment from Envato Quality team reviewer is the same: This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Let me know what you think about my last item ( has been rejected ). Thank you.