(Hard rejected) Please give me some feedback, why this track got rejected.

It’s not my first rejected item, but now I’ve decided to know what could be the problem.
thank you

Hi )
I’m not a expert, in my opinion, mix is dry and narrow. The lack of bright, depth.

The track lacks a holistic sound.

Voice sample is not quality.

May be, add some percussion track also.

Good Luck)

I have track with alike set of instruments, it’s also dry. was approved.
Maybe it’s because of the voice.
Anyway, Thank you a lot for your opinion.

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There are different reviewers everytime, so you cant know if it’s the dryness.
Also improving your mixes will increase sales.

PS. Listening on crappy speakers i cant really judge the mix, but is it mastered properly? Sounds a bit quiet for that genre. It doesn’t have to be a wall of sound, but maybe a little louder

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