I'd appreciate any help to understand these rejections

I’ve been working on music and pretty much all of my tracks get rejected but I was checking the waters and know more or less why. However, I can’t guess the reason for these three. I tought that my main issue is composition but mixing also comes up as a reason, I compared them countless times to some tracks approved recently (some two weeks ago) and I didn’t think they were lacking. Any help is greatly appreciated. Maybe it’s my system but comparing mixing should mitigate most problems. I am not sure. Is there any hope with some changes or should I do new ones?

Feedback for this one was poor mixing according to the AJ standard.

Feedback for this one was poor mixing and composition according to the AJ standard.

Feedback for this one was poor mixing and composition according to the AJ standard.

Need to work on quality. The instruments sound dry. the balance of instruments is not correct. I advise you to study materials on the topic.


Thank you for the input. However, I have problem with identifying the exact issues, especially that the first track I did and didn’t really like the mix got accepted. If you’ve got a while to elaborate I’ll be glad.
By saying ‘dry’ do you mean lack of depth given by reverbs and delays? Also when it comes to balance what do you mean? Does the bass overpower the rest, is it too quiet? I’m not asking to every single track, just if you could give a little bit more detailed feedback regarding one track I’ll deeply appreciate it. I’ve been comparing my mixes to other tracks that got accepted to avoid these issues but I must be missing something. Thank you in advance!

People learn over the years. I will not be able to explain everything at once. Got a couple of tips: 1) Compare your sound with the sound of popular tracks 2) Need “monitors” ( I chose the Yamaha HS8) and proper in the premises. you don’t hear the right sound. 3) Watch video tutorials on YouTube there are many. PS Judging by your comment above, you understand what is your problem. fix them.

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I understand your point. Although, what I was asking for is when you hear the track what do you think went wrong exaclty, you’ve hinted at it by saying ‘instruments are dry’ (helped a lot!) and ‘the balance of instruments’ is not correct.

I have experience with music production but not with commercial music production - what I do is alternative Hip-Hop. I wrote the post because I was curious what other people would change if I gave them stems, of course only hypothetically, just to understand the point of view through words as well as sound (in case of listening to what’s on AJ). Nonetheless, thank you for your time and I’m going back to production.

First of all it has to be said that I struggle with hard rejects as well. I listen to the hard rejected tracks by other authors and try to understand the exact reasons behind them. So I will just give my opinions.

I think in the first track the drums are too loud and the acoustic guitar rhythm is too original to be used in a commercial track. Also, the “breakdown” is too empty from 0:56 to 1:11, I think there should be less drums and more additional sounds/instruments.

In the second track I’d say the same about the drums, they’re too loud, especially the snare. Also, the harmony between chords and the piano melody doesn’t work for me, it’s a little annoying to my ears and if I hear this in a commercial it will definitely distract me and get my attention (in a bad way). Breakdown seems better executed here than in the first track.

In the third track the intro is too long (22 seconds long), the whole track could be a lot shorter. Balance sounds better here (or maybe my ears are just adapting to your way of mixing :D).

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Once again, I repeat. You have a load more to the left monitor. you do a poor balance of instruments. no depth (this is when the instruments sound in space). piano too obtrusive. try to listen to your tracks at a high volume.


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I see. I understand the problems better now. Thanks a lot guys!