Item rejected, looking for feedback !

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a member of AudioJungle for a while now, but I’ve only recently started uploading music. I’m no expert when it comes to mixing so I would be really grateful if someone could give me some feedback on why my item was rejected.

Here’s the item in question:

Reject message:

Unfortunately, this submission doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall, and can’t be approved.
Audio must be fully composed, arranged, mixed and/or mastered to a commercial standard, and have reasonable potential utility to our commercial buyers.
If you wish to resubmit more content, please review the engineering and composition and make improvements to a commercial standard before attempting to upload again.

Loove the spirit of this forum, really talented people in here! Hope to learn from you guys.

All the best and thanks in advance!


this looks nice to me but i am not an expert and i tend to believe that u should have a break of rhythm and sound somewhere so that the whole thing gets less “monotonous” but i like this style :wink:

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Perhapss too much low frecuencies?


…That is the problem…but I think this track is as commercial as others tracks in AJ.

This is one of the rarest item i don’t understand why has been rejected…Maybe the composition is not organized good and maybe there are some things that affect the point of the marketplace…It’s cool track btw.

I like it. Maybe the reviewer was having a bad day when he or she was listening to your track and took it out on you.

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The mood is great, I think more reverb to the strings could do it. In the end the master distorts a bit from low frequencies (crescendo doesnt add intensity) so maybe less compression to gain more dynamic range?

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Thanks! Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I thought by putting that middle section with less drums I would obtain that sensation but I guess not so much haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I believed that was the problem, but then I thought maybe I’m not doing it right in terms of mixing and eqing the track, after all I’m no expert on that field. That’s why I thought of leaving a message on the forum.

Thanks for your feedback!

I will check that, if it’s a problem with the mix I’m sure you’re right…it’s something around those areas. But then again, I can’t resubmit it :frowning:


Thanks for your feedback!

Maybe, my first thoughts were that it was maybe too “weird” in compositional terms, but I kept thinking that it could fit with a blockbuster trailer (or something like that).


Yeah maybe, although I don’t know if I would feel relieved if that was the case hahaha

Thank you for your feedback!

I will go back to check all those things. I’ll maybe post a second mix to see if it improves.

Love the forum! I’m already learning stuff :slight_smile:

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indeed, being not an expert for music, ere’s what i feel … i could feel it a bit but this is not cutting enough yet with the general rythm and melody but i am sure that u’ll find a way and if u wanna know , i really like your item and its great originality, i assume that could be a great theme for many trendy mobile video games indeed, for instance :wink:

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That is a good idea! You have the whole project already done, only to customize it :slight_smile: Good luck!

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I wouldn’t get too caught up on the mixing/mastering aspect too much…I think that’s a mistake too many new authors make. Honestly, I’ve only really heard a handful of tracks that where horribly mixed, and maybe another handful that were superbly mixed…most of the time people’s mix sound about the same here to me…then again I don’t listen to tracks all day. :slight_smile: They are telling you in the e-mail your track isn’t commercial enough. They have clamped down pretty hard on only approving stuff they feel has commercial utility. That being said, I’d agree it might be a tad muddy in the bass frequencies/drum hits…but I hardly think that’s why your track was rejected. Commercial in orchestral usually means big percussion and horns. Personally, I’m always trying to sneak in tracks that stray from that formula but I’m afraid few get approved. :smile:

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I like this track. It has emotion and feeling. I wouldn’t think of it as a trailer track though, but more of a credits track or cinematic underscore. A trailer track is usually more bombastic.

Regarding the mix I don’t think it’s very bad at all, but as Adam said, it could be a bit muddy so some cleaning up in the lower register could help, as well as adding a tad bit of shine.

I think this should’ve been a soft reject at worst, and it could also be a mistake as we’ve seen happen before. The reviewer may have felt that the string melody is a bit unusual and therefore not commercial enough. It goes to places the average listener might not expect. Something I don’t think is a bad thing, but what can you do…

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Agree with some comments above about muddy low frequencies.
You need a subwoofer to hear those.
If you don’t have a system that reproduces the low end clearly then take off a bit from 30 to 60 Hz in each sound, mostly big drums and contrabasso. And use some low cut too to unnecessary instruments.

And maybe make a more dramatic finish, with more intensity

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Agree with above. This track is more of an underscore than a trailer, but I doubt that would be the reason for it being rejected. The mix is good, but there seems to be too much going on in the low frequencies and not enough clarity in the high end. Try to find a way for each instrument and sound to fit comfortably within the mix, whilst not sticking out too much.

You’ll find more often than not that each instrument has its own prominent area and occupies a certain “band” in the frequency spectrum, and you can EQ to this effect by attenuating any unwanted frequencies and highlighting those that will cut through the mix more easily, allowing more space for other sounds to fit in. Remember, this should always be done in moderation! This is perhaps most important for bass instruments and sounds occupiying the low-mid areas, where too many different sounds going on can quickly make the mix sound muddy and slurred. While it’s still important to allocate an area for each instrument in the higher frequencies, it’s not so much a problem for the high-frequency sounds, as long as each sound can be distinguished.

Compositionally it’s a good track - I’d say it’s a good deal more sophisticated than many pieces here. Great mood and feel. There’s a possibility it could have been rejected based on commercial usability - like adammonroe said, AJ is quite strict when it comes to these things. This said though, I definitely think the item has selling potential, so keep working on the mix and give it another go :wink:


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thank you so much! I will try to take all the advices here to improve it :slight_smile: