Critic and Feedback on rejected item appreciated.

Hi fellow composers!
I’m quite new to this place (about 6 months). I have 5 items in my portfolio but had also about the same amount of rejected items.
Although it’s not easy to overcome those rejections, I managed to do so and kept on writing new stuff.
This time I actually don’t understand the rejection.
Audiojungle has rejected my new track, which I did a lot of time and make an effort on it. I would be glad to know why this happened! Any critic is welcome. Can I improve it?
Here’s my track:

Thank you! Steven

Hi Steven,
Sorry to hear that, it’s a good track, I really like the acoustic guitar. I think you need to improve the mix and master. The drums sound a little flat and dry. Also the strings are a bit dry too. The acoustic guitar sound is great and you should mix everything to match that.
There is something wrong with the timing of the piano melody. It sounds too rushed.
Apart from that, it’s a great composition and I can hear you spent a lot of time writing it. It’s just been let down by the mix.
Have a listen to other tracks from Audiojungle in the genre and use them as a reference.
Good luck with it.
All the best

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Mainly a timing issue with the piano and overuse of reverb.

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Massive improvement! nice work.
Technically you can’t upload as it’s the same track but it’s up to you. In the past i’ve waited about 6 months before reuploading a track I have significantly improved to be on the safe side.
Good luck, keep on improving those mixes :slight_smile:

Ah I understand.
Thank you for your kind words and for listening again.
Cheers, Steven