2 items hard rejected... please give critique



I am new here and trying to upload some items onto the marketplace. My first 2 items got hard rejected. I would be grateful if some more experienced authors pointed out any possible reasons why. I really want to improve and match site expectations so I may upload items successfully. :slight_smile:



Any specific pointers about the music or the sound would be very helpful!

Thank you!


I like the first track, very good melody!
I think that you are very close to the approval.
Here the things that for me don’t really work:
-vocal sample hey (too loud and no in the mix)
-clap also too loud and no in the mix
-distorted guitar (no good sound and no good for this genre)
-bells at 1:30 no good sound, try with glockenspiel or marimba

Try to make a mix with a reference track especially for the drum sound.

For the second track, for me is good but it’s a little bit strange for Audiojungle.

Good luck and good work!


Thank you @liosound… so nice of you to listen and comment! I think I observe a broad sound that’s applicable to most tracks on AJ… even if they are in different genres… the aim would be to match that sound to get approvals…

I will take your feedback on board when I’m making new tracks… thank you very much! :slight_smile:

BTW I listened to some tracks on your profile… great work! :+1: